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I'm an engineering Student, a Front-End developer, a Digital Marketer

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I am Sanchit Chopra, an engineering student from Calgary, AB, Canada. I am passionate about entrepreneurship in medical technology to improve healthcare delivery. I also have rich experience in web site design and customization, SEO, and digital marketing.


Web Development

Web Development

I aim to help you succeed on the web and grow your bottom line. Visit

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With the use of accelerated page technology, I help drive more traffic to your site, optimize your sales funnels and convert to more sales.

UI/UX design

Entrepreneurship Projects

I am passionate about social innovation in health and technology. Check out some of my projects below!

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2017 - Present

BSc. (Engineering)

University of Calgary
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (MEED).

2019 - Present

Founder: Self Employed Freelancer There are endless possibilities for building your own business. We help you succeed on the web and grow your bottom line.

2020 - Present

U-Metabolic: Schulich Launchpad, 150 StarUps Alberta

A personalized dietary monitoring and recommendation device to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2019 - Present

Pharmaceutical Production and Research Facility Undergraduate Researcher

Designed and performed experiments for the large scale production of human nerve and skin derived Schwann cells required at a clinical scale.

May 2018 - Aug 2018

Mathison Centre: Deep Brain Stimulation & TMS Undergraduate Researcher

Linear mixed model analysis of longitudinal repeated mixed measures (SPSS). Administrating TMS (visor2 XT - EEG,TMS evaluation), Processing EEG data (MATLAB), EEG setup (Brain Dynamics Lab), MRI Level 1 Training

2016 - 2017

Student Researcher: Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine

Dr. Ungrin Laboratory. CRISPR-Cas9 Systems, identifying genetic elements through online software, designing gRNA/plasmids, synthesizing elements, delivery mechanisms (nucleofection), Electrophoresis, Cell Culture, bioinformatics.

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